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Tiffany Siyah
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Tiffany, Napoleon, and Josephine chairs are perfect for weddings, award evenings & other elegant events.

Chairs are made of impact-resistant polypropylene with gas-assisted injection technology.

Tested by CATAS according to EN 581-2 standards.

Chairs have the lowest stacking distance in the market, gives you an advantage in loading quantity in the container as well as storage space in your spaces.

All are shiny, easy to clean; with one quick wipe, they will be looking brand new for your next event.

All colors have UV additive to protect from sun, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Lastly, you can add water repellant Thai feather seat cushion, which is easy to use and remove with plastic clips.

 indirTiffany Product Sheet

 catas tested

Height(h) : 92 cm | Width(w) : 40 cm | Depth(d) : 43 cm | Seat height(sh) : TBA


3.70 kg.


Loading Details

Truck: 1.694 pcs

40 HC: 1.414 pcs


White, Black, Gold


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