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siena armchair
Siena Armchair RattannameIMGSiena Armchair RattanSiena Armchair RattanSiena Armchair Rattan

Siena Armchair

Siena armchair is stackable and made of durable weather-resistant polypropylene with gas assisted injection. Does not include any metal. Will never unravel, rust or decay. It includes UV and AO addivites. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

 indirSiena Armchair Product Sheet

Product Details

Height(h) : 86 cm | Width(w) : 54 cm | Depth(d) : 58 cm | Seat height(sh) : 46 cm | 


4.50 Kg.


Loading Details

Truck: 1.260pcs

40 HC : 1.120 pcs


Brown, White, Anthracite, Cream

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