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Tolix style Como chair. This chair is crafted from steel and has a clear powder coat finish. The color adds a beautiful accent that can brighten up most rooms or just add a splash of color to the patio. Como is inspired by the original designs but has strictly unique design with regards to dimensions, frame construction, fabric pleating and materials. Making this significant design, an affordable luxury, built without any compromise to the original specifications and construction. The steel Como Chair is definitely not only for bistros anymore, but also it’s one those timeless, versatile pieces that seem to work anywhere. It’s made for indoor or outdoor use and comes in a variety of bright colors or brushed steel. They can also be stacked if you’re tight on space.

 indirComo Product Sheet

Product Details

Height(h) : 78 cm | Width(w) : 53 cm | Depth(d) : 58 cm | Seat height(sh) : 46,5 cm


5.800 gr


Loading Details

Truck: 1.848 pcs

40 HC : 1.440 pcs


Without paint or Powder Coated

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