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alberta cream wide
alberta cream wideAlbertaAlbertaAlbertaAlberta rattan anthracitenamenameAlberta rattan anthracite


Alberta rattan armchair comes with WIDE rattan pattern. Stackable and made of durable weather- resistant PP with gas assisted injection. Does not include any metal. Will never unravel, rust or decay. It includes UV and AO additives which ensures the colors will not fade. 3 years warranty against sun fade. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

 indirAlberta Armchair Product Sheet

Product Details

Height(h) : 87 cm | Width(w) : 57 cm | Depth(d) : 58 cm | Seat height(sh) : 45 cm


4.70 Kg.


Loading Details

Truck: 1.120 pcs

40 HC : 1040 pcs


Brown, White, Cream, Anthracite

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